Of Luc(as)' fonts, the following are released:


TheMixTM See Thesis in use:


More about Thesis


A pseudopsychedelic font family in five flavours. All fonts have similar metrics and can be used in different colors on top of each other.

Jesus Loves You AllTM

Jesus Loves You
Jesus Loves Your Sister, and
Jesus Loves Your Brother

TheSans MonospaceTM

Eight weights and italics. It started as a face to print PostScript code and it appears to function very well as a correspondency typeface. Hand-hinted and hand-edited bitmaps make TheSansMono the ideal Monospaced font for your web browser.

TheSans TypewriterTM

TheSansTypeWriter is developped
to meet the problems of the ever
sharpening laserprinters in corporate
environments. A regular typeface in
600 dpi is too smooth and loses the
personal touch. TheSansTypeWriter is
the roughened version of TheSansMono.
12 Pitch


FF TheSansMonospace Condensed is the condensed version of TheSansMono, comparable with a 12 pitch typewriter.

Its characters are all half the type size wide. So at 12 pt, the characters are exactly 6 pt wide.


PDF file, 68Kb. Get Acrobat Reader 3 !


(as part of FUSE11)
A pornographic piece of typography.
A MultipleMaster font in which
each letter converts to an illustration.
With five FREE pornomovies.

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