Every now and then Neville Brody asks a few friends to create an experimental typeface. This results in a new issue of FUSE (platform for experimental typography), with 5 fonts and posters.

FUSE 11 has pornography as theme.
My contribution to this issue is a MultipleMaster font. The name of the font is "MoveMe MM"

You animate letters to illustrations by moving the slider in FontCreator. Fontcreator is built into Adobe Illustrator and QuarkXPress (Xtension) and also in the latest versions of Adobe Type Manager.

In November 1996 Luc(as) was invited to show his porno font and illustrations in the German television program "Liebe Sünde".

MultipleMaster fonts contain two or more extremes
One extreme is a serious typeface, TheSans Black.
The other extreme are more or less pornographic illustrations,
based on the colourfull drawings in my sketchbooks.

Five characters are converted to small FREE PORNO MOVIES.
New versions use antialiasing and gif compression.
They are a lot smoother compared to the first version (QuickTime required).
They are around 200 x 200 pixel in size.


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